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Indigo Festival 2013

Open the Gates to a New Reality

3 Days of Unity, Culture and Psychedelics!
Indigo Festival is a gathering that is dedicated to all free spirits! A pure global reunion of the tribes. Prepare to be re-born again into a state of reality where all is possible, where the Universe is "at our fingertips".
Live shows, live acts and DJs from all around the world. These are just a few: Berri Sakharof, Yemen Blues and Prem Joshua LIVE SHOWS; X-Dream - Full Live act, Atmos (retro set), Perfect Stranger, Loud, Art of Trance and The Delta LIVE ACTS... And soooo much more!
Complete infrastructure with camping, chillout, flea market and children zone

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About Us

Our mission can be explained in one word: MOKSHA! The word "Moksha" comes from the Sanskrit language. If we had to put it into a one-word-translation it would mean FREEDOM, but in deep it is a level of meditation when body, mind & soul become one, liberating the spirit from the cycle of death and rebirth - enlightenment. For some it is known as nirvana.
For many thousands of years, and until today, music was used as a portal to higher grounds, as a way of liberating the body from its material condition leaving the mind peaceful and the spirit free to expand and wander in the astral plane. There used to be rituals with dance and music and drums, where people could feel free and feel one with them selves. Where they could achieve their own moments of enlightenment.
And this is what we want to give you in our events: we try to create the best environment for

people to feel this freedom and this contact to their inner selves. In our modern world saturated with information and lower vibrations, this is not an easy task to accomplish. So we choose beautiful locations in the Nature, we invite people that we believe are open-minded, we call upon the best djs and producers from Israel and around the world, bring the best music equipment for the best sound quality, and we gather in order to perform one of the oldest rituals of human kind: DANCE.
There is nothing more we want to see in our events that you, smiling, loving, laughing, dancing, happy with yourself and with the others, our brothers, around you.
We invite you to share this dream with us, to come to our events with an open heart, and to help us build this perfect atmosphere, so we all can achieve MOKSHA.